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About us

An artistic collaboration

Icini Art Print is a collaboration between two UK artists, Essex illustrator and cartoonist Colin McAllister, and Watercolour artist and art tutor Michele Webber.

Colin and Michele were first pulled together on a project to create a local tourist map, with Colin taking care of the pen and ink and Michele doing the colouring. This was successful so they decided to team up regularly to produce graphic posters. The arrangement works well, with both artists trusting the other to make decisions regarding design and colour. Work is passed back and forth, not worked on at the same time, this leads to endless surprises, and a finished product that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Icini Art Print aims to bring something new to a market saturated with digitally produced clip art images. After the initial concept is designed, Colin painstakingly draws the images in black ink using an old fashioned dip pen. Michele then colours them by hand with artist quality watercolours. The images are then made print ready, using the latest graphic design programs, and printed by a local printers onto the highest quality poster paper.

Colin McAllister

Colin McAllister is a Cartoonist and Illustrator living in Colchester, working in black and white, pen and ink. He studied Graphic Design and Digital Media at the Colchester Institute and later did a (BA) degree in Computer Animation at Portsmouth University. His current drawing interests include local urban scenes, portraits and cartooning. His cartoons are microcosms of issues of interest. Sometimes the subject matter is serious, sometimes sentimental and silly. He has a love for interesting perspective and minute, exacting detail and attempts to use a piece of paper to its full capacity, leaving no subject detail left out nor space unfilled. Colin also goes under the pseudonym ‘Snublic’ and he calls his drawings Snublic Drawings. He aims to complete a drawing every month, either for himself or as a commission, and practice his observational drawing and light and shade skills as often as possible.

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Michele Webber 

Michele Webber is a professional artist in print-making, mosaics, painting and drawing. She specialises in watercolour and has a real instinct for colour. She is an experienced art tutor, a published illustrator and writes art business and tuition articles online and occasionally for magazines. Michele exhibits in several East Anglian galleries and has work in private collections at home and abroad.

Recently she appeared on the Sky Painting and Drawing Channel’s popular TV show ‘A Touch of Paint’, demonstrating watercolour techniques. Michele was born in Middlesex and grew up in London; she now lives in Sudbury where she has her own studio and art teaching practice tutoring a range of classes and courses.

Michele is a Professional Associate for Society for All Artists (SAA) and a Print Workshop Member at Gainsborough’s House. She is also a member of Colchester Art Society and the Society of East Anglian Watercolourists.

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